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ENTITY Clean Breathable Nail Lacquer # 1028 Sparkle & Shine 15ml
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ENTITY Clean - Sparkle & Shine 

This captivating dark pink glitter is ready to enchant all who lay eyes on it!

24-Free • Biotin Enriched • Breathable • Non-GMO • Peta Approved • Fast Drying • High Shine • Made in USA • Vegan
Size: 0.5 oz | 15 ml  Finish: Glitter


Beyond Clean

24-free formula eliminates those nail lacquer ingredients everyone is most concerned about. But is that enough? We don't think so.

Ultra Clean. Over time, nitrosamine, thought to be harmful to your health will form in many traditional and green nail lacquers and polishes. This happens when nitrocellulose and colorants interact in the bottles. Our formula is specially formulated with a unique inhibitor that helps interfere with this reaction and helps prevent the formation of nitrosamines. Our formulation falls into a new class of products known as Ultra Clean.

Vitamin Enriched. Good for you should be more than what we took out of the nail lacquer, so we added Biotin, a B vitamin complex Biotin is known to promote stronger nails.

Breathable. If you haven't heard about breathable nail lacquer, you should be interested in why wearing a breathable nail lacquer matters. Breathable nail lacquer formulations provide two good for you benefits other nail polish formulations don't. It allows air to pass through the nail plate which helps prevent heat build-up under and on top of the nail. Over time, this can result in thinner, yellowing nails. And being breathable also helps any trapped moisture under the nail plate escape. Trapped moisture presents a suitable environment for unwanted microbial growth.

Ethical. Our product is ethically sourced, Peta-approved, non-GMO and Vegan. Everything you want and nothing you don't.

Safety. Entity Clean is made in the U.S.A., ensuring the integrity and the purity of what we put in the bottle. Some nail brands on the market today aren't made in the USA and might not abide by the strict manufacturing practices you expect. We think it is important. We hope you agree.

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