Printing Steel Plate (Set of 3)
RM12.50 RM25.00
Printing Steel Plate (Set of 3)
Price RM12.50 RM25.00
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Feature: It is very convenient and easy to use. Fit your need to create beautiful looks. Suitable for professional use and home use.

Use steps:

Step 1. Remove the blue protective film from the stamping plate.

Step 2. Apply stamping polish on the design.

Step 3. Make a scraper leaned over 45 degrees and scrape excessive polish off quickly and strongly from inside to outside.

Step 4. Immediately press the stamper with a gentle rolling motion to pick up the design. The image is transferred on the stamper.

Step 5. Stamp the image on your nail with a gentle rolling motion. The image is transferred on your nail.

Step 6. Repeat the above steps for all of your nails.

Step 7. After the design is finished, apply top coat for lasting wear.


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